Mission and Vision

We care about each other. Help stopping infection now!
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Your Safety and Privacy are Our #1 Goals

Mission: Empower people to help fight Covid-19, while keeping the society open. 

Vision: We believe in a society that can do social good with appropriate tools at their hands.

We envision the reporting of IN/OUT times in Covid-19 sensitive locations to become the new good habit in stopping infection.  


IOTime Features

Unique Barcode

Every user can get his unique personal barcode to help to stop infection! We call it the anti-Covid19 badge. It is free and works everywhere. 

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Every institution/business will get a tablet that can securely scan the users' unique barcode. Upon a successful scan, the user will get a notification on email/SMS about his/her status. Help control infection spread comprehensively.

After ordering the subscription, your pre-configured tablet will be shipped to your address. Total cost is as little as 3000NOK/year per tablet subscription (*No additional fees). 

We take care of everything. You only take care of displaying the tablet in a reachable position for all your customers.

IOTime Card - Contribute to Social Good

Do you want to contribute to the health sector or to a friend that is sick! Order the card containing your unique barcode for as little as 30 NOK.


The amount will be used to support the doctors and patients in fighting Covid-19. 

Owning a card avoids the use of smartphones.

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Use the App

If you feel you really need to use your phone and have forgotten your card/barcode, you can always install the IOTime app to scan the tablet's barcode.

You will be able to view all the IN/OUT you have performed and how your data is being handled in total transparency. 

Again, it is all free!


IOTime in Action

Watch our brief video on how IOTime system works!


For Users


Free Android and iOS app for all users.
Get your unique card!


For Businesses


Tablet App for Android and iOS

We promote good habbits!

Our most committed users will earn monthly prizes if they use the system when going in/out of a location.

Kids with  Masks

Wear your mask!

Elbow Greetings

Avoid physical contact!


Wash your hands!

Personal Hygiene

Report IN/OUT times!

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Investment Chart

The Industry-Leading System for tracing Covid-19 close contacts

We help your Commune and FHI trace close contacts when infection situations are uncovered. We collect and store data securely while complying with GDPR rules. All the data is deleted after 10 days.

Every Commune that promotes our system will have full access to the data gathered for all citizens.

No fees applied!


Why IOTime?

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the better?

We have used a participatory design methodology to develop our system since 2016. We have spent ample time with all stakeholders in creating a revolutionary user-centric solution.


All the other solutions present in the market lack our experience. They are yet testing solutions that do not work because of little participation from the end-users and pressure to get a product out the fastest.

We want to empower our users and help them contribute to social good. Funds from ordering a membership card will be used for future vaccines, health systems, and helping presently sick individuals.

What are 10 issues other solutions have forgotten to take into consideration while we have?

  1. Asking people to use their private smartphones for reporting purposes

  2. Rely on the assumption that every smartphone camera will work as expected

  3. Rely on the assumption that the smartphone is connected to the internet

  4. Assume that everyone has a smartphone

  5. Assume that everyone can send SMS when visiting a place

  6. Assume that everyone can register to a web portal when visiting a place

  7. Do not provide an accurate evaluation of the time spent in a certain location, providing misleading information about close contacts. 

  8. Neglect age groups such as the elderly who might not be able to use smartphones (This is one of the most critical  target groups)

  9. Neglect other target groups with underlying diseases or disabilities

  10. How can we all do good while using the system?